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Telling Others

do not tell everything to everyone. Choose your confidants carefully. Why tell others about your diagnosis As the disease progresses, you will need the support of those who know and understand you. Concealing or denying your diagnosis will limit your ability to cope...

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Diagnosing Dementia

DIAGNOSING DEMENTIA   Importance Of A Diagnosis.  It is important to have a professional diagnosis of dementia for the following reasons: -To eliminate and/or treat other medical problems–for example, a brain tumor, chemical     imbalance, thyroid issues, etc.  Even a...

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The Bible explains exactly how to receive and/or give comfort during difficult times.   Comfort is found in words--His words:  "Wherefore comfort one another with these words" (1 Thessalonians 4:18).  Jesus said:  "These things have I spoken unto...

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Choosing a Care Facility

A care facility is needed when a person can no longer care for themselves and/or the caregiver can no longer provide the level of care required. Care facilities may include assisted living, a skilled nursing home, or a dementia care unit. Here is a checklist to help...

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What About Divine Healing?

WHAT ABOUT DIVINE HEALING?   This article explores the definition of divine healing, how death and disease entered the world, how God views sickness,  redemption from the curse, how to pray for someone who is terminally ill, and the end results of...

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Newly Diagnosed? The First Steps

If you or a loved one have just been diagnosed with dementia, you may be feeling shocked, scared, confused, or overwhelmed.  Here are some first steps to take on this unexpected journey.   Seek God.  As in every crisis of life, before you do anything...

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